While the coronavirus crisis alters our lives, it should not impede our right to vote! We can protect voting access and prioritize public health at the same time. Call Secretary of State Scott Schwab’s Office and ask him to take these three steps to protect our Democracy during the 2020 Primary and General Elections: 

  1. Expand Mail-in Voting: Universal ballot distribution to every registered voter with prepaid postage and a self-sealing envelope. 

  2. Increase Election Transparency: Online and phone ballot tracking for mail-in ballots with notice of rejected ballot issues and how to fix them. 

  3. Ensure Safe and Fair In-person Voting Opportunities: Expand in-person early voting to reduce Election Day crowd sizes and ensure equal access to polling locations for all Kansans regardless of race, income, age, or geographic location.

CALL: 785-296-4564

Contact Kansas Secretary of State Scott Schwab to say protect our health and our vote:

To learn more about voting during the COVID-19 pandemic, see Voting During COVID-19.

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