To ensure that voting is accessible and safe for Kansan during COVID-19, we encourage voters to utilize advance mail ballots (voting by mail). Here are the most important things to know
about voting by advanced mail ballot:

  • All registered voters have a right to vote by mail.

  • You must complete an application to vote by mail.

  • You need to submit a new application for each election you’d like to vote by advance mail ballot. (Exception: You qualify for Permanent Advance Mail Ballot Status by having a permanent physical disability or illness or have been diagnosed as having a permanent illness.)

  • Your application for an advance mail ballot must be received by your county election office no later than 7 days before the date of the election.

  • You can receive your ballot at your residence, temporary residence, or a medical facility where you are an in-patient.

  • You can receive your ballot up to 20 days before the election day and no later than 5 days before election day.

  • Your ballot must be postmarked on Election Day and received within three days of the Election, or you can hand-deliver it to any in-person polling location within the county you are registered before 7 pm. on Election Day. 

  • Due to backlog resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, state drivers licenses and non-drivers photo IDs that expire between March 12 and September 15 will be accepted for the primary and general election.


Voting procedure may be impacted based on public health recommendations during COVID-19. This page will be updated if anything changes